Charging unit for WMS420, WMS450 and WMS470 series transmitters

This item is currently not available to order online directly from AKG.

Drop it in

The AKG CU400 is a high-performance drop-in-style battery charger for WMS420, WMS450 and WMS470 series wireless handheld and body-pack transmitters. The charger's design and the integrated charging contacts of the transmitter conveniently eliminate the need to remove the battery before charging; simply drop the entire transmitter into the slot. The charger monitors battery voltages and temperatures during charging and automatically ends the cycle when the batteries are fully charged. The CU400 provides a status display LED for full control of the charging status.

Varenr. 2934H00010


Charging current 700 - 1400 mA
Charging time 1.5 - 3 h
Number of charging slots for 2 HT450/470 or PT450/470


Width 188 mm
Height 115 mm
Depth 78 mm
Weight 420 g (14.8 oz.)


Body plastic
Finish black

Powering Interface

Voltage 5 to 5 V

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